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NET framework. Powered by the Microsoft. NET Framework, Silverlight is a development tool that brings an entirely new level of web interactive to your projects. It is the solution to web browsers, letting you view more than a glorified text document by running applications enabled on a website.

This is especially handy to use with older sites. Silverlight is capable of doing this thanks to the reliance it has on other Microsoft tools. Silverlight support for many browsers has stopped, but for anyone running an older machine, it is still an extremely powerful tool. It receives bug-fixes and minor updates from time to time, which keeps your user experience at the highest possible level.

Silverlight is available for a variety of browsers on both Windows computers and MacOS devices. However, this is a hit and miss when installing. However, it no longer receives updates.

A better framework for your project data is HTML5. Silverlight is a tool for viewing videos, streams, animations, and graphics online.

A free painting and drawing tool. A fast, simple, and effective program! A secure browser that cares about your privacy. Windows Defender Is it finally the ultimate free protection for your device? Less time explaining, more time doing. Patches and bug fixes will continue to be released as late as , after which the application will be completely unsupported, and should no longer be used.

The app is already unsupported in some browsers, including Edge. On a Windows machine, the easiest way to tell if Silverlight is installed on your system is to simply type it into the search bar.

If it appears as an app not a web search result , then it is installed on your system. For internet browsers, check your installed plugins. Google Chrome is not presently compatible with Microsoft Silverlight. From Chrome 45 onward, the app is completely unsupported. With Microsoft discontinuing development on the framework, it is unlikely support for it will be re-introduced to Google Chrome.

The Microsoft Silverlight browser plugin is freely available for any supported platform. That being said, most up to date Internet browsers do not support the plugin, as it is now a deprecated framework that Microsoft ceased development on in It is still available to download for free from Microsoft’s website. Silverlight is as safe on a Mac system as it is on any other. With a platform like this, however, it is crucial that any new updates are installed, as they may close security holes that have been discovered.

Most modern internet browsers no longer support this deprecated plugin, however. Silverlight does not come as part of Windows 10 itself, however you may find your Window 10 does have it installed. This is to do with Internet browsers. If you have a browser which supports the plugin such as Internet Explorer 11 , then the plugin may be included in your regular Windows updates. Firstly, check if Silverlight is installed by searching for it in your installed applications.

Next, find out if you are running an Internet browser which currently supports the plugin. If you are unsure, try finding a site which uses the platform, such as Netflix, and see if it will run. As Microsoft announced the End of Life for Silverlight in , and most Internet browsers have ceased supporting the plugin, you do no need this framework in order to have an enjoyable Internet browsing experience. Some cases may still require the plugin, but these would be exceptional circumstances, not the norm.



– Windows media silverlight download free


Silverlight is a tool for viewing videos, streams, animations, and graphics online. A free painting and drawing tool. A fast, simple, and effective program! A secure browser that cares about your privacy. Windows Defender Is it finally the ultimate free protection for your device? Less time explaining, more time doing. Develop for the web The browser-focused tool is ambitious, letting you run content-rich media on your open webpage.

Where can you run this program? Is there a better alternative? Our take Silverlight is a tool for viewing videos, streams, animations, and graphics online. Should you download it?

Highs Easily implemented No need for additional frameworks on your client side Out of browser capabilities. The app was also then used for the Winter Olympics. Even Netflix uses the program to deliver streaming video to web browsers on the PC and Mac. Moreover, it allows the users to easily experiment with improvements to the adaptive streaming algorithm of the service.

The browser plugin also makes the experience very simple, letting the user to just click play on the Netflix website and watch their favorite series or movies.

However, using the browser plugin comes with a few disadvantages. For one, you will need to install the plugin before the streaming. Also, there are a few security and privacy risks in installing a web browser plugin.

Furthermore, not all streaming services use Silverlight—which might deter users from installing the plugin. It is for these reasons that the popular streaming service has started to move from Silverlight to HTML5. Microsoft Silverlight may have been a success during its initial run, but its success has been shortlived. The project struggled to keep up to its competitors and faced issues upon issues.

Developers found the tools challenging to learn and too risky. Moreover, its competition—Flash and JavaScript —was simply more comfortable that various media outlets and partners chose them over Silverlight. Before long, HTML5 had arrived, offering a more versatile framework and a promise of a great future online. Silverlight will officially end its run in since Microsoft will no longer support the project.

It freezes and crashes every few minutes. Very frustrating, as all microsoft products seem to be. Good soft. Best player. SL is excellent but its downloading process is complex try to makes it easy and user friendly so that each user can be able to down load it easily without any problem. Not Required By Many Sites. Microsoft Silverlight currently isn’t used by many sites. With Microsoft confused not to many sites use Silverlight and aren’t even sure what Microsoft truly has planned for Silverlight in the end.

If like to install all plugins so you don’t miss out then by all means install Microsoft Silverlight. But chances are you won’t run into many sites that require it These could be false positives and our users are advised to be careful while installing this software. It’s very likely that this is software is malicious or contains unwanted bundled software. Users are advised look for alternatives for this software or be extremely careful when installing and using this software.

This software is no longer available for the download. This could be due to the program being discontinued , having a security issue or for other reasons. Powerful tool for creating and delivering rich Internet applications. Home Browsers and Plugins Silverlight 5.

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NET framework and compatible with multiple browsers, devices, and operating systems, bringing a new level of interactivity wherever the Webworks. Microsoft has made the Silverlight browser plug-in freely available for all supported platforms and internet browsers. Download Silverlight bit Latest Version. Related Downloads. Top Downloads.


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Very frustrating, as all microsoft products seem to be. Detect trackers and control their ability to view your online behavior.

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