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Rainmeter allows you to display customizable skins on your desktop, from hardware usage meters to fully functional audio visualizers. Rainmeter Skins, the best desktop customizable tool with ready-made Windows 10 themes, visualizers, launchers and widgets to download.


– 20 Best Rainmeter Skins for Windows 10 ( Edition)


It carries:. If you carry a laptop with a touch screen then we recommend you to use this one. To be honest, we love this one; give it a try on your system. Moreover, users also get a dock that is quite similar to macOS and is wholly customizable.

The best yet interesting point about this one is that it does not slow down our i5-powered laptop. We have used minimalistic nature wallpaper for this one. This one is futuristic yet minimal. It is both versatile and amazing. It is used to display lots of information like:. It carries a date and time on the top. The best thing about this one is that it lets users add their choice of games and applications in the left one.

Moreover, they can also integrate their steam account to open and launch games instantly. It carries an Xbox game bar as part of it and lets users launch many gaming tools in a single click. This wallpaper is embedded with the skin which is great. If you are a game lover then give this a try. Thanks to this one user can play Nick Fury while sitting at their system. It is present in different resolutions. It includes different shortcuts that are handy to access frequently used apps such as browser and media player.

Others include:. Now you really do not have to be Tony Stark to get your very own J. S powered system as this is going to work out just fine for you. It is highly customizable and has various modules that can be re-positioned quite easily. This one is perfectly used to illustrate how much background wallpaper is important to customization. This one makes sense when paired with a companion Aliens wallpaper that comes along with it.

It carries modules which are configurable and include the following:. If you are a minimalism fan then you are going to love this. It is light in weight and clean. This one is used to take care of the basics but does them in quite a good way, without throwing too many things in your face. As the name suggests, this skin is very light and uses very less amount of your CPU.

The objective of this theme is to keep things to a minimum level which will ensure the fast functioning of the system.

Therefore, it is another best skins for your desktop to download. Along with date and time, there are five other widgets given which you can customize. The five icons include a browser, file explorer, music, video, and a game icon. This theme includes a very minimal number of items which makes it an efficient Rainmeter theme.

Translucent Taskbar 1. The only work this theme does is to make your taskbar translucent and hence the name. It makes your taskbar translucent by enabling the blur behind it. As per the latest version you can also disable the blur option. Along with the disabling blur option, you can also add more than two monitors support. Rainmeter Win10 Rainmeter Skin. Like the previous theme, this one also works only on a specific version of Windows; Windows In the latest updates, this theme has several newly added features such as; a bigger clock, WiFi language, mini steam, steam id, and a game icon.

Along with these widgets, there are several other icons with which you can easily monitor the current activities of your system. These skins include RAM, hard disk storage, memory, processor information, and battery. This skin supports only two languages which are, English and Hungarian. SYSMontior v1. The whose sole purpose is to give you all the information about your system. It includes information regarding memory usage in all the partition drives of your system.

Other than that, it includes all the details about the processing unit as it shows power consumed by the CPU and its temperature. Overall this theme gives a detailed view of your CPU. Rusa Jantan Suite Rainmeter Skin. It includes all the essential widgets such as explorer, download, control panel, etc. A clock widget is also provided which looks quite attractive. One important aspect of these themes is that multiple users can customize it as per their requirement and use it on the same system.

There is a logout button on the skin using which users can switch among themselves. Wisp for Rainmeter. It has also got an email skin that currently supports Gmail only. Currently this theme in four different colors which are; green, red, blue, and dark orange. Make sure you have the 3. T Rainmeter Skin. The weather skin is shown in the text which is represented by three colors which are; blue for low temperature, red for high temperature and gold for the current temperature.

Thus, only by looking at the color, you can determine the weather temperature. It may look conventional but it has got some pretty decent features.

Tron Tron Rainmeter one of the best rainmeter skins for gamers. Tron which is a very impressive theme that got some really cool technical design and features. It has got widgets of the clock, weather, calendar, music player, and Core memory information. Along with these widgets, it has also got more than eight icons of skins such as mail, browser, video player, and many more. The amazing thing about this theme is that all the images of this theme have a glowing light, be it internal or external.

This adds depth and an eye-catching dimension to the graphics. Aliens Rainmeter Skin. This theme has got a bit different design algorithm from the rest of the skins mentioned here. In fact, it is one of the most mesmerizing themes on our list of best rainmeter skins that comes loaded with a bunch of dope holographic widgets including CPU and RAM usage, Calendar, Time and Date, and Current weather with 3 day forecasts. Bring attractive and soothing natural moon effects to life on your Windows desktop with Moon Glow.

Furthermore, you can avail widgets related to date, time, current temperature, and weather conditions in a live notification tray as well as save your favourite notes on the main screen.

Hardcore StarCraft players who wish to stay in the realm of StarCraft even after they are done playing the game have a solid reason to chin up with My RainMeter Desktop. Based on space imagery, this nifty rainmeter skin comes loaded with cool space and spacecraft wallpapers as well as many detailed sub-modules that are out of this omniverse, for real.

Wanna see beautiful superbikes straddle across your desktop screen? Well, ardent GSX R devotees will rejoice over the sheer number of delightful controls that this theme offers designed on similar lines. The Suzuki GSX R rainmeter skin also comes with a snazzy wallpaper as well as various sub-modules that complement the wallpaper.

Granted, Rainmeter skins provide boatloads of customization but there is none that panders to music player pursuits. This rainmeter does what its name alludes to, that is, display essential information via sub-modules and take care of your music cravings. With mesmerizing font and design collections, Simple Media 4 boasts the definitive charm to work well on all kinds of desktops irrespective of resolution.

Apart from a robust music player, the modules can display current Date and Time, Recycle Bin status, Temperature, et al. If you have a penchant for minimalist music player themes, Foobar is worth its weight in gold. It also displays all the vital stats about the current song amidst scenic backgrounds. Spotify has become an innate part of our music streaming experience. Which is why, a rainmeter skin bereft of spotify player credentials would seldom pass muster.

Not to mention, it also supports Google play music desktop player. One can gauge the sheer popularity of Enigma by the fact that it is one of the most downloaded skins of all time. Better still, Enigma has been configured many times since its inception. Now, you can spend hours personalizing Enigma and still not get enough of its resourcefulness. In fact, Enigma is one of the best rainmeter skins on several counts. Almost all its sub-modules can be individually re-arranged. Perhaps the easiest Rainmeter skin to set up, Before Dawn demands no tweaking.

Simply install it and prepare to immerse yourself in a dazzling array of magnificent information laced bars that span across the length and breadth of your desktop. Now no more gazing at an overwhelming number of widgets strewn about on your desktop screen.

Touted by many as one of the best rainmeter skins with translucent and frosted glass effects, Razor changes your desktop dramatically. Just set a minimalist wallpaper that suits the theme and you are all set. It comes loaded with information wielding sub-modules such as a Customizable dock, System libraries shortcuts, Power and Network strength status, combo Weather, and a Date and Time header.

Another snazzy entrant on our list of best best rainmeter skins with transparent and frosted glass effects, Speed looks splendid with minimalist wallpapers. Almost all its sub-modules sport a consistent look, and can be customized according to different resolutions. Thanks to elegant submodules replete with minute drop shadows, ABP is a sight to behold.

All its components have a rectangular appearance which give a consistent appeal to ABP. Not easily turned off by complex and technical rainmeter skins? Give LIM! Purposely built for minimalism fetishists, Elegance 2 highlights critical system information through elegant looking widgets. A remarkably lightweight skin, Elegance 2 can blend in seamlessly with any desktop wallpaper. With 30 compact skins under it belt, Rainworks is a nifty suite of rich rainmeter themes that have a fair share basic or advanced styling options.

In fact, the width and dropbox of each skin are different and you can even edit layouts or alter settings smoothly by clicking on the middle of any active skin.

With the right wallpaper, Wisp can eke out some really amazing looking desktops where all the widgets and modules are detailed lucidly. With submodules aplenty, Horde can evenly spread out across the length and breadth of your desktop screen with widgets including the likes of battery, clock, weather stats, etc.

Greenzo can systematically arrange widgets such as battery, news feed, clock, and can be customized to launch multiple apps from the desktop. Symbolic of its name, Sea is one of the best rainmeter skins for simulating ambient seashore graphics on your screen.

Albeit it does follow a minimalist layout and sports simple widgets such as weather info, Gmail, etc, Sea can also be customized to the brim. Classic black and white rainmeter themes are still in vogue and Taboo is testimony to that.

This beautiful skin comes loaded with all the default icons of your PC or Laptop and lends its own charm to them. Plus, you can access the system info widget on the desktop itself. It would be safe to hazard a guess what this skin is all about, i. Simple Dock is lightweight to the brim and easy on your eyes too. Plus, you can fiddle with a gamut of personalization options.


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